Little Guardians tells the story of two young people switched at birth and now unknowingly living each other’s lives. Subira was supposed to be the next Guardian of Yowza Village, but she was born a girl. Instead she lives a quiet life working at The Item Shop never knowing what should have been. Idem trains to be the next Guardian and tries his best to be the warrior he was never meant to be. How will the next generation survive the choices made for them as strange incidents start plaguing the village and demon attacks appear to be on the rise?Little Guardians updates every Monday. Those who have joined the Little Guardians Patreon community as supporters get more frequent updates with in-progress sneak peaks of this week’s page, behind the scenes concept artwork from our archives, as well as invitations to live streams with our team as we work on the comic. NEW READERS can start reading the comic here with the Prologue.
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Lee Cherolis Ed Cho
Lee Cherolis is responsible for everything visual about Little Guardians. Character designs, pencils inks, shading, website graphics, etc… Lee first co-created Little Guardians with Ed Cho while they were playing video games at Ed’s house back in 2008.More about Lee -Lee is an Illustrator, Cartoonist, Graphic Designer, and obsessive film, television, and motorcycle enthusiast. Lee organizes Indianapolis’ local comic artist and writer meetup, the Indy Webcomics Group. In 2010, the Indy Webcomics Group self-published a comic anthology edited and produced by Lee, as well as featuring two of his own original short stories. Lee is currently living in a bio-sphere habitat in Indianapolis with his wife Samantha and their 2.5 cats. Ed Cho is the writer for Little Guardians, responsible for all of the comic’s scripts and story development. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a BA in Rhetoric and Film Studies.  Ed first co-created Little Guardians with Lee while trying to prevent him from drinking all of Ed’s beer back in 2008.More about Ed -From 2007 to 2011, Ed created a webcomic inspired by his cats at Ed is an active member in IWG (Indy Webcomics Group), and was featured in their 2010 anthology entitled: Welcome to Indiana with his story, Skeletons in the Elevator.He currently resides in Fishers, Indiana where he lives with his wife and daughter.
Samantha Kyle Samantha Kyle helps occasionally with one or two sneaky little code bits that otherwise threaten to make Lee cry out in Code Rage™. She also provides Lee with feedback on his art, aids with book layout, and compulsively creates and contributes fan art for Little Guardians. As a capricious youth, Samantha dabbled in journal comics, and after “gettin’ old” and settling down to the Glamorous Life of Freelance Design, she has begun doing some better journal comics. Visit Random if you need her for stuff, or, you know, whatever.
Brandon With Glasses Brandon McDonald is a spook, a spirit or by some reports merely a graphic designer with a translucency problem. Brandon is one of the good guys. Talented, professional, generous and did we say talented? Brandon is responsible for making our new site a reality through cunning, ingenuity and glasses which I believe are the source of his supernaturally awesome coding skills.
Brandon With Glasses' Glasses See Brandon’s portfolio here.


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