The holiday season always reminds me what an awful gift wrapper I am.  I know how to write a comic, play guitar, and shoot a decent jumpshot, but thank goodness I did not have aspirations to become a surgeon.  My clumsy hands performing at an operating table would be a death sentence.  Every gift I wrap takes thirteen pieces of tape and five curse words.  It’s the thought and actual gift that counts, right?

My work organized a volunteer day at a local food bank, and my job was to sort canned goods into a bin.  I decided to express myself creatively and spell my first name with cans.  I wanted to spell my last name with negative space next to it, but my fellow volunteers were in too much of a hurry to accommodate me.  Perhaps I am ahead of my time in stacking canned goods.

Nina update-  We took my two year old daughter to see Santa Claus, and the visit did not go well.  My wife looks slightly deranged in the picture here, smiling happily while Nina looks like she is about to be stabbed.  Santa knows if you’re naughty or nice, and if you’re naughty we will punish you by inviting Santa over to sit in our living room.

We should be back Monday, January 7th with new pages and our new site redesign.  See you then, and happy holidays!

Ed- Writer of Little Guardians.