Hello Little Guardians Readers! First off, thank you for reading! We hope you’re enjoying Chapter 7 so far. We’d like to take a minute to announce we’ve put up some new goals over on our Patreon. If you haven’t been by the Patreon lately, you may not be aware that we’ve already completed and surpassed a few goals like hiring a new artist to do a Little Guardians side story (we have already seen a couple completed pages) and hire a colorist to go back through the archives (colored pages are coming in!). Yesterday, we finalized and posted a new set of goals that we’re really excited to share with you. Check them out on the Little Guardians Patreon page in the right sidebar.
Little Guardians on Patreon!

In addition to new merch, signage and a website overhaul, you might be interested to learn we’ve put TWO COMIC UPDATES A WEEK up on the board. We’re happy with the work we’re doing currently in pretty much every way except speed. We want to double our output and cut in half your wait time for new pages and for new books! Want to help make that happen? Every dollar helps. We’ve set it up so you get a pretty great value for the minimum Patreon donation. Out of the thousands of cool people who read our comic if only a relative handful decided to join in on the Patreon we could reach that goal and bring back 2 updates per week.

We’ve been running the Patreon for over a year now and it’s pretty amazing what it’s allowed us to do already with the direct support of less than 40 individuals. We hope you’ll consider joining us. Also please share and spread the word about the comic and our Patreon if you have a moment. Word of mouth is equally as good for the comic as joining up!

As always, thank you for reading!

-Lee and Ed