Read Below!

Read Below!

Hello Guardians!

We are VERY excited to announce to you all that we have added a SECOND COLORIST  to the Little Guardians team! Ginger Dee, half of the blockbuster team Chris & Gin (Paul & OllyThe Brothers Grant,Dexter’s Digs, Presidents of the United Space) has agreed to join us and help us get Little Guardians colorized  faster than ever before!


Scout Comics

There’s a good reason why we doubled our colorist power on Team Little Guardians. Check this out. The Little Guardians Team is proud to join Scout Comics, announced this weekend at New York City Comic Con. Little Guardians will be published in issue format, in full color, and sold in comic book stores.

This will be a huge undertaking and a giant step forward for us. We’ll be putting new Chapter 7 pages on temporary hold while Lee dives into making some all new cover art and small tweaks to some existing pages so they will work well as issues. Our colorist team will forge ahead getting our backlog colorized and we’ll be all hands on deck getting ready for a Spring 2017 launch in comic stores. We’ll be back to regular new page updates LONG before then but better to knock this list out now than right before deadline.

We have to give a huge thanks and shout out to our Patrons for their support. Our Patron’s donations help us get to comic conventions where these connections are made. Those same contributions directly pay our colorists. We cannot wait to share with you all the new cover art and color pages and everything else that will go into this phase of the project. Patrons always get first access and regular updates behind the scenes. If you’re not already a patron, please consider joining the Little Guardians Patreon today for as little as $1 a month. Look how far we’ve come, think of how much more we could do with your support!

Let’s do it! This is going to be awesome!

Thank you so much for reading.

-The Little Guardians Team