Patreon Rewards!

Hello friends!

The next page of Little Guardians is up! We’re over half way through Chapter 6, which is relatively short. A nice change of pace from Chapter 5 which clocked in at an epic 77 pages!

Book 3 begins shipping today! I’m dropping off the first batch for our Patrons at the post office this morning. Our Patrons get all kinds of great stuff not available here on our main site. For as little as $1 per month you can see Little Guardians pages in color! Get behind the scenes look at our script to art process, see previews of new Little Guardians art and merch as we create it, you get access to a video blog/podcast thing that Ed and I record. Our patrons got personally thanked and had their names listed in Book 3! All patrons who find us at a convention get free sketches in their books! And that’s just at the $1 level. Come on and join us!

So that means pre-orders are done! We’re taking actual orders now. You can find Book 3 in our store, here!

Thanks for reading!

-The Little Guardians Team