My wife’s birthday fell on President’s Day this year and coincided with NBA All-Star weekend so I got this birthday/President’s Day/NBA All-Star Weekend cake.  That reminds me.  I don’t think I shared this awesome deliciousness she got me for my birthday last summer.  It is an official Little Guardians cake.

Here are some other memorable cakes we’ve enjoyed.  To celebrate a birthday and the arrival of our piano I got this piano/birthday cake.  The day we learned we were having a girl I had this cake made and checked the “Girl” box right after the ultrasound.  Here is an Al and Scout cake, which are my cats and have an accompanying comic strip I used to do.  Also check out this cake I got to commemorate a 5 dollar off coupon for any cake purchase.  Sometimes the cake itself is the reason to have cake.

Nina update: Nina also enjoys cake but not on the level that I do.

Writer of Little Guardians and cake enthusiast.