We’re excited to announce full colored pages on our site!  Through Patreon we are funding a colorist to go back into the archives and add color to our pages.  James Ratcliffe has done an amazing job, and up until this point we’ve only been sharing them with our patrons.  Check out the first ten pages of chapter one in glorious color.  If you are interested in contributing and want to see the colored pages early, please check out our Patreon.  Every little bit helps!

As usual I like to do a reading round up of books and graphic novels I’ve read recently. Two great all ages graphic novels come to mind.  I’ve read both of these with my five year old daughter, Nina.

The first is Doug TenNapel’s NNEWTS.  Book One: Escape from the Lizzarks was a riot.  Doug is best known for creating the video game character Earthworm Jim, but his comic book work is amazing as well.

The second is SPACE DUMPLINS by Craig Thompson.  I’m a big fan of Craig’s other works like BLANKETS and HABIBI.  Unlike those books, this one is appropriate for all ages.

The last book I’ll mention is one for adults.  PURITY: a novel by Jonathan Franzen.  I’m a huge fan of FREEDOM and THE CORRECTIONS.  This is his latest book and it doesn’t disappoint.   It’s a complex and epic literary novel for the ages.

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