What a crazy week I had.  First off my daughter came down with Strep Throat, which of course made me a hypochrondriac about my own throat.  I immediately felt ill, then shrugged it off as paranoia.  Two days later I was in the doctor’s office being diagnosed with Strep Throat.  On top of that, I hurt my leg playing basketball a few days prior and was still limping around.  Although being immobile for a day allowed me time to finish the first draft of the Little Guardians Chapter 12 script.
(We are currently posting pages for Chapter 3 so to say the least I like to write ahead) Then I noticed my cat, Scout, was going in and out of the litter box constantly so we had to take her to the vet.  She had a bladder infection and was prescribed antibiotics. 
Despite our sickly existence, we survived and had a birthday party for my daughter, Nina, who turned two over the weekend.  We had a Dora the Explorer themed siesta, and I drew this pretty cool map we used as placemats.  It informed us of the order of events for the evening.  Tacos.  Presents.  Cake!  I purposefully made it in black and white so the kids could color on them.  I’m not lazy at all.  :)


Nina’s big gift was a kitchen playset with many accessories that I’m sure will be put back in an orderly fashion and never clutter the living room floor.  Here is a picture of my little chef in training.  I foresee many undercooked, plastic meals in my immediate future.  This particular toy kitchen must not have been produced in Yowza Village because it did not come with any zucchini vegetables.
And now this morning my wife has told me she has a sore throat.  Dun. Dun.  DUN!!!
Writer of Little Guardians.