Hello Guardians!

Lee and I had a blast at Kokomo Con in Kokomo, Indiana, http://kokomocon.com which is about an hour north of Indianapolis.  That’s nice for us because it’s a short drive, and we don’t have to book a hotel room.  The local radio station Shine 99 http://wshw.com interviewed us on the air around noon which we greatly appreciated.  It was fun promoting our book and the website and selling buttons and prints.

When not chatting with people abour our comic, Lee worked on the next pages of Little Guardians on his laptop. You can see on the right Lee taking painstaking care to perfect Tane’s armpit. That’s a level of consistency that should not be ignored. That’s me on the left, and as you can see I’m hard at work playing a game on my ipad. Puzzle Quest 2 has become my convention game. It combines puzzle matching with RPG elements, but for some reason I hardly ever play it outside of conventions. Lee even commented, “Wow. You must really like that game. You’re still playing it.” In reality I haven’t touched it since the last con we attended.

Our friend Justin Castaneda, who does When I Was Little, http://wheniwaslittlebook.blogspot.com  is compiling a very awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles themed sketchbook, and Little Guardians artist, Lee Cherolis, contributed this mighty image of Krang.  If you don’t know who Krang is, please go read his wikipedia page.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krang  Even if you know who Krang is, I encourage you to read it anyway.  It is hilarious.  My favorite part is the first line where it points out “Krang is a Fictional Supervillain…” just in case you thought there was an actual supervillain brain on the loose.

This is most likely the last convention for us this year, but we’ll be in full force next year and keep you posted on where to see us next.

-Ed.  Writer of Little Guadians