The Panelists Podcast

Ed and I were invited on the Panelists Podcast last week, many thanks to Stephen and Kyle for having us. We were honored to join in and had a great time talking about comics, Little Guardians and our process creating the comic. The first half of the podcast, Kyle, Ed and I talked Little Guardians in my livingroom. The second half of the podcast I join Stephen over skype to talk about the role of technology in comics creation.

If you’ve never checked out their podcast before I give it my full recommendation if you’re into the nuts and bolts of creating comics. You can tell that Kyle and Stephen think about comics ALL THE TIME and put almost as much passion and effort into their discussions on the podcast as they do into creating comics themselves. You only have to browse their work to see what I mean. Check them both out, then go grab a random episode of the Panelists and really sink your teeth into comics creation.

Just a quick reminder, we are on a brief break from updates until Mid to late April, we will be back with Chapter 4. Until then, you can get into the behind the scenes of Little Guardians with this latest episode of the Panelists, and keep an eye out for some random goodies I’ll be posting to the site in the lead up to Chapter 4.

And of course if you’re in Ohio or the surrounding area come check us out at SPACE Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo, or C2E2 both coming up in April.