Draw Me a Robot

Hi all, you may know Krishna M. Sadasivam from the webcomic PC Weenies. Krishna used to have a blog called Draw Me A Robot featuring his robot-themed illustrations.

Draw Me A Robot has just received a major overhaul and a re-launch as a blog now featuring other working cartoonists and the tools they use to make comics. The new Draw Me A Robot is live now and features Eric Merced as the first interview and me as the second! Krishna asks us 4 questions about our setups and then we draw a robot for the blog.

You have to click the navigation arrows on the sides of the images to cycle through the photos and get to the robots.

More artists are being invited all the time and will soon be appearing on Draw Me A Robot as well.
You can suggest artists to be featured next on the site or send in your own robots and tech setups to the community section.
I’ve taken the opportunity to send in a few of my own suggestions, so hopefully we’ll see even more familiar names up there. :)

So check it out, spread the word. I think this is a really neat theme for a blog can’t wait to see who else gets featured.
Also, here’s my robot entry: