Hello again!

Let’s start this off with some LG character sketches! YAYYYY!

Hazel and Elk Sketch

But now it’s time for more good news/bad news. I previously reported that Sam and I would be moved into our new place and LG would be back within the month. That was written around Feb 9th and we were expecting to be moving in that week. Some things went down and we had to make some decisions that unfortunately forced our move to the first week of March. It’s been VERY VERY long story that nobody wants to hear. Fortunately, it’s almost over, and we can’t wait to put it behind us.
This delay means it’ll be a few more weeks before LG can be updating again regularly. The problem has become, having our move pushed back so many times (5th time’s the charm) unfortunately means now it’s coming into conflict with our 2014 schedule of events we’ve been planning for since last year. Now, on top of getting Chapter 5 art ready to go, I’ll be painting, cleaning and repairing our new home while simultaneously preparing for and teaching a week of cartooning/comicing workshops. Throw in a book signing and a 3 day convention… we’ve certainly got our work cut out for us. Please excuse our dust.
And now for something to lighten the mood:

Little Guardians took 1st. place in the Webcomic Category at last years Small Press Alternative Comics Expo 2013 SPACE prize! And I can tell you I was in real need of some good news when I heard!

We have some big shows coming up that you really don’t want to miss:

Awesome Con – Washington DC – April 19-20
I can’t wait! And neither should you people on the east coast.

TCAF – Toronto Comics and Art Festival – May 10-11
First time visiting Canada! Yay!

Indy Pop Con – Indianapolis – May 30th-June1st
We’ll definitely be hosting a comics meetup for this one, Don’t miss it!

Dashcon (A tumblr convention!) Shaumburg IL, July 11-13th
Ed and I will be on the World of Online Comics panel which is going to be incredible (I know who else is on the panel) and I’m in talks to play a part in a live reading of one of my favorite BBC radio series in another panel, REALLY looking forward to this one.

And that’s not even all of them! Check out the rest of our 2014 schedule in the sidebar.

HEY! Is it possible you want to help out and somehow aid in Little Guardians’ return?
Here’s how! We’re about to reorder Books 1 & 2 from our printer so we have enough for this year’s shows. Tell a friend! Show them Little Guardians! Every book we sell funds our convention tables, promotional supplies and future print runs. And it helps us spread word about the comic, helps us land spots at comic shows, etc… all that good stuff. And every one of those things we can cross off our list is one less thing on this artist’s list between you and more pages of the comic.

Also, you might want to keep an eye on Lee’s tumblr feed for more art and sketches like the ones above.
We hope you’ve enjoyed this screening of News Part II – Director’s Cut.