Hello everyone!

I just wanted to update you all on our pretty eventful weekend. As I was gathering my gear to go exhibit at Wizard World Indianapolis my laptop thought it would be a great time to play dead. Absolutely dead. Dark. Cold. Lifeless.
Thus ensued a day and a half of panic and worry all the while I put on a brave face spreading the word of Little Guardians to the wonderful convention attendees.

Finally, last night after I got out of the show, we were able to make it to a computer place to have a tech guy diagnose my poor laptop. Where according to the rules of situational comedy, suddenly my laptop is fine and it’s as if nothing was wrong at all. Great?!

So that’s the good news. Also we’re having a pretty great first convention of the season as well. BUT I lost my Friday and Saturday comic-drawing time during the laptop false alarm. So that means…

***** Page 45 will post Monday the 23rd ***** instead of Monday the 16th.

I’m just happy to still have my laptop. All the files were backed up and okay but it was severely disorienting to not be able to sit down and work away at the comic like I usually do. Thank you for supporting us and for your understanding. We’ll be back to regular updates on the 23rd.