Hello again! We have some news to report.

Lee’s faithful veteran 4-year old laptop started to bite the dust last week right before we hit the road to Topatocon. As soon as we got back we took it in and now have a diagnosis. It needs a new logic board but they are replacing it for free because magic. Files were backed up so we’ve only lost time and nothing else. WE ARE THRILLED. This will mean a slight delay while the laptop is repaired.

UPDATE: Laptop is back and working like a dream! Regular page updates will resume hopefully on Monday October 12th and the Chapter should wrap up around November 2nd.

Thank you so much for your patience! Rest assured we are using this time to work ahead at least in the sketch-stage on many of the things coming up soon. Chapter 5 final pages, Book 3 cover art, Chapter 6 beginning pages…

We still plan to have a short break between Chapters 5 and 6 while posting some more guest from honestly, some of the best friends a webcomic artist could have. So keep coming back and be on the look out for more announcements here and on our Twitter and Facebook feeds about that!

Thank you!