Dashcon 2014 Actually it wasn’t that bad.  During the convention, people were texting and tweeting us if we were okay like it was a war zone, but for us at least we made it out unscathed.  In fact most of the drama occurred unbeknownst to us until the following morning. 

Lee and I ventured to Schaumburg, IL, my hometown coincidentally, to attend the non –affiliated Tumblr convention known as Dashcon to promote our comic Little Guardians.  Apparently there was quite a bit of controversy over an impromptu fundraiser to keep the convention going. Allegedly the hotel demanded payment at the end of the first day which made the organizers ask for donations, but then it was reported there was no such demand from the hotel and the organizers merely conned (pun intended!) people out of 17,000 in donations.  While I cannot confirm or lay truth to any of these claims, I will say the convention was ripe with frustration, anxiety, and anger, and there was certainly a strained aura lingering in the air.

All in all we had a good time speaking with other creators and fans so even though this convention will go down in infamy, I’m glad to have had the pleasure of meeting the cool people that we did. Lee got to display his voice acting skills as Arthur from Cabin Pressure in a fan-written script presentation/panel, as well as running a panel about online comics. Both panels went smoothly.  We sold some books, gave out promotional bookmarks, and represented our webcomic so I’m proud to say we survived Dashcon 2014. 

I’m thinking about making T-shirts WE SURVIVED DASHCON 2014, and starting a convention solely for Dashcon 2014 survivors.  :-)