Hello Guardians!

We’ll be going on a break from regular updates for this holiday season starting Monday, December 10th. We’ll return to regular updates with Page 19 of Chapter 3 posting on Monday, January 7th. During break we have a few pieces of fan art we’ve saved that we’ll be sharing as well as a few art process posts and I’m sure a blog post or two. You can stay aware of when we update by following our Twitter accounts, our Facebook or RSS feed. When we come back we’ll have a few surprises ready we can’t wait to share so check back in with us soon! And if you’re reading this during the first couple weeks of December it’s not too late to head over to the Item Shop and give the gift of Little Guardians Book 1 to a friend in time for Christmas. As always thanks for reading, for sharing, and for all the feedback. Ed and I appreciate all the work you all do spreading the word about Little Guardians, it means a lot to us.

Have a good break! We’ll try to do the same. :)