Tane - Guardian of Yowza Village

Tane -

The current Guardian of Yowza Village. He can summon throwing spears and a spirit horse to aid him in the fight against evil.

Subira - Young clerk at Yunda's Item Shop

Subira -

The daughter of Tane but was switched at birth.  She maintains a quiet life assisting Yunda with the Item Shop.

Idem - Training to be the next Guardians of Yowza Village

Idem -

The youngest son of Yunda but was switched at birth. He is training to be the next Guardian.

Soma - A mysterious adventurer passing through Yowza Village.

Soma -

A mysterious adventurer passing through Yowza Village.

Doctor Marburger

Doctor Marburger -

The village doctor.

Nurse Hazeldella Nurse Hazeldella -The nurse that aides Doctor Marburger.
Yunda Yunda -The owner of The Item Shop.
Gong Gong -Yunda’s son.
Gong Dossmon -Gong’s best friend.
Thoom Thoom -A zucchini farmer.  Thoom is famous for his prize winning giant zucchini.
Plum Plum -The wife of Thoom.
Kyo Kyo -The wife of Tane. Kyo died while giving birth to Yowza Village’s next Guardian.
Elk Elk -Tane’s number one fan. Elk spends most of his time writing songs about the Guardian of Yowza Village and considers himself a part time assistant/sidekick to Tane.
Ryda Ryda -The owner of the Side Quest Tavern.
Telmon Telmon -A regular patron of the Side Quest Tavern. He helps Ryda if things get too rowdy.
Travers Travers -Yowza Village’s local card shark. He never seems to play well until there’s money on the line.
Prak Prack - Prack works at the HP Inn and has never played cards before.
Sir Thistlewhite III -The author of “A Study of Supernatural Creatures,” a 100 year old journal cataloguing various spirits and demons. His current whereabouts are unknown, but he is presumed dead.

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