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Ed and I will be running around Mid-Ohio Con October 22-23. No table this time, but if you happen to be at the show and want to say hi, @ us on Twitter @leecherolis and @edcho7000. We will see your @reply.

Did you know we put out a comic anthology last year? Of course you didn’t. Last year we had almost no way to promote it. But it occurred to us at a recent convention that maybe some of you might be interested. It’s all short stories by Indiana-based comic artists who are pretty much all members of our local cartoonist meetup group. I’m in it, Ed’s in it, Sam’s in it.

Check it out!

We’ve already broken even on the print run (self-financed) so all sales now go towards supporting our artist group and funding events like our monthly meetups, annual Comix Rock Art & Music Showcase, group projects like more anthologies…  And who doesn’t like supporting independent comics?

On Little Guardians, a new Thistlewhite’s Journal page will be up Friday and Chapter 1 will continue with Page 15 this coming Monday.
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