Hello Guardians!

Long time no see! Since June when we shared the cover for Issue #5, we’ve been hard at work getting ready for the big push for pre-orders for the brand new Little Guardians Book 1: Trial by Spirit Fire! this will be our first trade paperback with Scout Comics and will be in full color, collecting everything from Issues #0-#5 in one volume. Bringing together from the Prologue – The Birth, Chapter 1 – the Zuchinni Festival, Chapter 2 – Teachers and Students and Chapter 3 – the Anger Demon. That is one hefty volume! The cover price is planned to be $17.99.

Here’s where we need your help: the sales that really help us and will help make Little Guardians Book 2 a reality next year are the preorders we can generate between now and the end of September. THIS IS THE TIME! We need you to call or visit your local comic shop and tell them to order Diamond order code #SEP171870 Little Guardians Book 1 from Scout Comics. The book is in their system and the preorder window is the most important part of this. Ed and I will of course visit conventions to support the book and sell copies far and wide. We are very excited to get this in your hands. And the best way you can help us is to preorder this book.

With your help we can do it!

-The Little Guardians Team