Hello Guardians!

This is a big post! First the preorder codes then a new comic page schedule update!

Little Guardians Book 2: Bandits and Betrayers preorders are LIVE! Please help us tell your favorite comic stores to get Little Guardians Book 2 from Scout Comics with Diamond order #SEP181958. This is HUGE for us. Like a Kickstarter, preorders can determine the size of the initial print run. In the comic market, preorders make or break a series. PLEASE tell your local comic shop to check out Little Guardians Book 2 AND while they’re at it Book 1 has a new Diamond order code as well #SEP181959!

It has been almost 2 years since we last posted a new page of Little Guardians. When we signed on with Scout Comics in late 2016 we knew that going back and coloring all 300+ pages of it was going to be a monumental task. We hated to put the comic on hold but this seemed like the fastest way to reach that goal, pouring 100% of our focus on coloring the comic. We enlisted the help of some fantastically talented and hard working artists to help us. Ginger Dee, Dann Tincher and Jose Vazquez delivered some gorgeous colors and made this all possible. And now we can FINALLY get back to the best part of making comics.

MAKING NEW COMICS! We don’t have an exact date yet but new Little Guardians pages are going to start happening! SOON! Oh man that felt good to type out loud. We’ll have more updates and details to share soon but rest assured. We are BACK.

That brings us back to the Book 2 Preorder. Starting today you can help us get the word out about Little Guardians Books 1 and 2 to comic shops everywhere. And while you are doing that, Lee is behind the scenes finalizing the printer files for Book 2, Ed is sending out promotional mailings and reaching out to retailers and reviewers, lining up signings and convention dates… and then… new pages of Little Guardians will start back up. Right here. This is going to be awesome.

If you’re reading this, thank you SO MUCH for sticking with us during the hiatus and helping to tell comic shops every time we went into previews. THANK YOU for not deleting this bookmark and for checking back in every once in a while to see how we were doing. THANK YOU for your Patreon support and the love and support we get at conventions. We are so excited to be back and can’t wait to finally tell you what’s going on in the bandit hideout with Subira, Soma and their new friends.

Thank  you.
-Lee and Ed