Hi everyone!

Today we’re sharing the cover art for Issue #01 of Little Guardians! Coming from Scout Comics this April.Remember though, we’ll be asking for your help when preorders for Issue #01 start in February which is even more important than checking your comic shop for it in April. It won’t be there if no one tells your shop to order it in February! Speaking of… did you know Issue #0 if Little Guardians is available for Pre-order now? It’s not too late to ask your comic shop to order Little Guardians Issue #0 from Scout Comics. Diamond Order code #JAN171939. You can even do it over the phone! Tell them today!

Thank you so much for reading Little Guardians and for your ongoing support of our book. Even with the publisher it’s still very much an indie book and will really thrive because of the actions and word of mouth of our own readership. Your help will make all the difference.

Thank you!

-The Little Guardians Team