Hello LG Readers, Friends & Family!

It’s time! The Diamond order code for the Little Guardians Issue #0 preorder is JAN171939.

Our first full color issue is hitting comic stores in March of 2017 but ONLY IF YOU TELL THEM TO ORDER IT! This is how the industry works for we indie creator-owned titles. So tell your neighbor, tell a friend, tell your mother to go down to your favorite comic shop, ask the clerk to order Little Guardians Issue #0 from Scout Comics, order code JAN171939. You can also ask them to add our book to your pull list or start a pull list! Either way, they should be able to find our book in January Previews. The great thing about pull lists is then you won’t have to remember to ask again every month for each new issue, they will automatically take care of that for you. So when Issue #1 drops in April and Issue #2 drops in May, you’ll be set!

Thank you so much to the support of our readers for helping spread the word about Little Guardians. Thank you so much to our Patrons for helping us hire colorists and network at conventions. You guys are going to love these new color editions of the Little Guardians story!

Remember! Diamond order code JAN171939! We are coming to a store near you!

-The Little Guardians Team