Hello Friends!

We’re sorry for the long break. We hope you’re excited about our latest announcement, Little Guardians is getting published in color and will be available for order in your comic store! In fact preorders are going to happen sooner than you think (January Previews) so get ready for more news about how to get Little Guardians in your shop. We will be hitting the ground running and will need all your help to get Issue #0 and Issue #1 a warm reception in the Spring.

Speaking of Issue #0, check out that new cover art! Issue #0 will be Little Guardians Prologue fully colored by Dann Tincher. We are shooting for a March 2017 release.

We will be back with regular updates very soon! We’ll still be taking a break from Chapter 7 but we have a side story and guest artist ready to bring you TWICE WEEKLY brand new pages of Little Guardians story. The Cursed Axe interlude starts October 31st! Written by Ed Cho, Illustrated by Josh Smart.

Thank you so much for your patience and your support. We are beyond excited about this latest opportunity for Little Guardians and are working very hard behind the scenes getting pages colored and issues put together but we could not have gotten here without our readers. Thank you!

-The Little Guardians Team