Hello Guardians!

It’s June! That means Issue #5 is in Previews!
We want to take a minute to thank all of you for your support and effort to help us get Little Guardians out there in as many comic shops as possible. It means a great deal to us that we were able to bring our story to so many new people in so many new places. Issue #5 wraps up what will be collected into the first of our new color trade paperback volumes. Look for more details about soon.

In the mean time, we need your help! The best way to help Little Guardians is to keep talking to your local comic shops. Let them know about our book and tell them to order it. Comic shops pay a lot of attention to the books people are asking about. We are also reaching out to comic shops directly on our end. If you have a cool comic store that you think may like to check out our book, tell us about them! Email us with the name and url or address of your shop and we’ll contact them with preview samples of the current issues and ordering information. Every lead helps.

Thank you again. We’re incredibly proud of the comic we’re making and your support takes us that next step further.

-The Little Guardians Team