**Little Guardians Chapter 5 will resume Monday, Sept 22nd with page 26*♦*

Hello friends!

Please forgive us for the short delay on Page 26. Two days at Small Press Expo and nearly 22 hours of driving significantly interfered with our usual production schedule. Usually, I take the laptop and work on the next page at the convention table but at this show especially, table space and even room to sit down was at a premium. We ran into some bad timing and decided Page 26 deserves some extra love rather than rushing out something half-finished.

Fortunately for us, we have steadfast comics friends like Kyle Latino. We asked Kyle a while ago if he’d like to draw a pinup/cover for his run of Little Guardians guest comics and of course in typical Kyle Latino fashion he happily took us up on it and delivered something WAY COOLER and more impressive than what we’d initially described. Thanks Kyle!

I’ve said it before and it remains no less true. Kyle is a really, REALLY great artist and positive creative force. Check out his work! You will instantly see what I’m talking about and then go check out his Patreon for more of the same. I’m a patron and it’s money well spent knowing it’s helping Kyle do what he does, just being out there and being awesome.

That’s all! See you on the 26th!