That’s right! The Book 2 print edition  is officially available in our store right now.
Follow this link here or use one of the handy buttons in our left sidebar to head over to The Item Shop and order your copy of Little Guardians Book 2 – The Anger Demon!

Wizard World Ohio
In other news, we’ll be in Columbus Ohio for Wizard’s  Ohio Comic Con this weekend hanging out with our friend the ridiculously talented sculptor/painter/illustrator David Lee Pancake. Go check out his stuff, he makes some of the coolest dragon-themed sculptures I’ve ever seen.

We’re also happy to announce we’re officially confirmed for Dash Con in July 2014! The first all-Tumblr artist convention taking place in Schaumburg Illinois. This one is going to be cool and I’m thrilled we’re going to be a part of their inaugural event.

Thanks to you, our last two shows at Gen Con and SPX have been our best ever!  Thank you for reading and for spreading the word about Little Guardians. I just can’t express that gratitude enough.