Hey all,

Just a quick reminder, we’ve got only FOUR pages left to post for the Prologue. But wait, you might ask, doesn’t that mean the last page of the prologue will be on a Monday?


Next week is business as usual but the last week of the prologue will have THREE updates. All regular comic pages Monday – Wednesday – Friday. Then we’re taking  one week off, I’ll be posting the cover and title card for the next chapter during that week and then BAM we’re right into Chapter 1 on Monday, August 29th.

I’ve already finished pages well into Chapter 1 and I’m developing ulcers trying to keep it all secret and hush hush. I’ll just say, we’ll be updating the cast page as early as page 1 so GET BACK HERE ON MONDAY THE 29TH!

Here’s the update schedule for the rest of the month:
Today! – Prologue 21
8/10 – Prologue 22
8/12 – Thistlewhite’s Journal
8/15 – Prologue 23
8/17 – Prologue 24
8/19 – Prologue 25 – END
8/24 – 8/26 – Chapter1 Cover and Title Card
8/29 – Chapter 1 – Page 1
8/31 – Chapter 1 – Page 2